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EA Inclusion - Sustainability

Our sustainability programmes support organisations to address the key challenges surrounding the future of their workforce.

EA Inclusion - Future Skills Audit & Action Plan

Future Skills Audit

& Action Plan

Our Future Skills Audit identifies whether an organisation has the people and skills it needs to ensure future success, with action plans put in place to fill key gaps.

EA Inclusion - Promotion Process Review/ Development

Promotion Process 

Review/ Development

Organisations which have identified issues with their promotion process use our experience to either review or develop the process to ensure that it is consistent and inclusive.

EA Inclusion - Change Management & Change Training

Change Management & Change Training

Significant change within organisations (e.g. mergers and acquisitions) can have a dramatic impact on its employees and its culture, and we work with employers to manage this effectively.


EA Inclusion - Succession Planning



We work alongside organisations to identify and develop a pool of talent capable of filling key roles when leaders and other key employees leave the organisation.

EA Inclusion - Legacy Development



We support leaders to develop legacy programmes which strive for improvement and growth, and we work with organisations to develop a legacy leadership culture.

EA Inclusion - Mental Health & Wellbeing

Mental Health & Wellbeing

We provide a wide range of mental health and wellbeing services ranging from training in a variety of formats, through to policy and process reviews, along with coaching and support.

EA Inclusion - Talent Management & Pooling

Talent Management

& Pooling

We support organisations to build pipelines of diverse talent with the necessary skills and experiences through talent management and pooling.

EA Inclusion - Environmental Considerations for People Orientated Businesses

Environmental Considerations for People Orientated Businesses

Culture change can take many forms and we support organisations to engage employees to embed an environmentally conscious culture.


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