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Strategic Advisory

EA Inclusion - Strategic Advisory

Our strategic advisory services support organisations to develop and implement strategies and programmes to meet their objectives.

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Organisational Design

EA Inclusion - Organisational Design

Our organisational design programmes support organisations to adapt and transform by identifying key challenges and implementing practical solutions.

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Learning & Development

EA Inclusion - Learning & Development

Our practical learning & development programmes are impactful and measurable, having been proven to deliver culture change and embed inclusion.

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Outplacement Support

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We recognise that everyone is unique, which is why our approach to outplacement is bespoke, in that it is designed and built in line with your organisation’s specific needs.

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Inclusion & Diversity

EA Inclusion - Inclusion and Diversity

Our practical inclusion & diversity programmes are impactful and measurable, having been proven to embed inclusion within a wide range of organisations.

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EA Inclusion - Sustainability

Our sustainability programmes support organisations to address the key challenges surrounding the future of their workforce.

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Coaching & Mentoring

EA Inclusion - Coaching & Mentoring

Our coaching and mentoring programmes support individuals to develop and grow, by improving their confidence and performance.

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With a growing expectation of diligence, conducting fair-minded, robust and judicious investigations in the workplace is critical.

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Cultural Change

EA Inclusion - Cultural Change

Our team will work with you to understand the beliefs and behaviours that drive your current culture and work with you to develop and evolve strategies to ensure continuous improvement and impact.

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Inclusive Recruitment

EA Inclusion - Inclusive Recruitment

Our inclusive recruitment services support organisations to attract and recruit diverse talent and remove barriers from their processes.

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Outsourced HR Services

EA Inclusion - Outsourced HR Services

Our HR outsourcing solutions provide organisations with an effective, efficient and flexible option to addressing the key challenges that face their organisation.

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