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Return on Inclusion Tool

In what other discipline would you invest in a strategy or interventions without being clear what your anticipated return and outcome would be?  Inclusion and Diversity strategies are no different.

The Return on Inclusion Audit provides clear evidence of:

  • The return on investment of your current and proposed activity.

  • Benchmarks your progress against competitors and aligned sectors.

  • Informs on the priority focus areas for your future strategies.

  • Clearly evidences impact on the diverse characteristics you are looking to engage.

  • Provides a clear and practical action plan of ‘how to’ maximise return.

  • Evidences clear monetary impact of your current and future strategies on bottom line.

4000 global organisations have engaged in this tool, across public and private sectors, to inform and provide maximum impact to their activity, saving time, money and increasing reach and impact. 

100 touch point audit that is underwritten and accredited by leading academics, has -3/+3% accuracy guaranteed and uses compare and contrast methodology.

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