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GDPR Considerations

Publishing Industry Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging Workforce Survey

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The Publishers Association’s annual survey of the publishing workforce provides the most accurate and comprehensive statistics on the diversity of the UK publishing industry.

Data is not the answer to diversity, but it is foundational to our efforts to ensure that a career in publishing is an enticing prospect for jobseekers from the widest possible range of backgrounds and that those already in the industry can thrive.

This survey and the associated report are once again being delivered by diversity and inclusion specialist EA Inclusion. EA Inclusion is an established leader within the diversity and inclusion field.

Please note that your employer will not be able to see your individual response. Your data is collected and stored by EA Inclusion and will be anonymised and aggregated with all the other responses before any analysis takes place.

GDPR Considerations


  • Data Controllers (who determines how and why personal data will be processed) - EA Inclusion and the Publishers Association have jointly defined the scope and outline of the project (why) and have control of how the data will be used (how)

  • Data Processor (who processes personal data on behalf of the data controller) – SurveyMonkey will process the data captured using this form. Visit for SurveyMonkey's privacy policy

  • Data Subject (who provide their personal data) – Employees who complete the survey

How data will be processed

  • The data will be processed using the online survey through SurveyMonkey

  • The data collected from this survey will be anonymous, as names, email addresses and IP addresses will not be captured or recorded

  • Once processed, this data will be controlled by EA Inclusion

  • This data will then be compiled with the data from other organisations that have both captured data and have provided existing data as part of this project to provide an overview of diversity within the publishing industry in the form of a report

    • For any given question, we require a minimum of 50 participants to have responded in order to report on that area to ensure we preserve the anonymity of respondents

  • Organisations may also wish to have their own diversity report created from the data captured as part of this survey (at additional cost)

    • Responses for each organisation will be compiled into a report which will ensure individuals remain anonymous – Your employer will not be able to see your individual response

    • Organisations must receive a minimum of 50 responses for any given question to ensure that there is a sufficient sample size to report on and ensure that anonymity of respondents is maintained



Why data will be processed

  • This data will be processed because the Publishers Association wish to obtain a true reflection of the diversity of the industry to be better equipped and informed to tackle inclusivity and ensure that publishing better reflects the UK population


  • By completing the survey, you are giving your consent to the data being used in the way described above

Data retention

  • The raw data collected through this survey will be retained until the Publishing Industry Annual Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging Workforce Survey has been signed off as complete by the Publishers Association, after which it will be deleted

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