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Outsourced HR Services

EA Inclusion - Outsourced HR Services

Our HR outsourcing solutions provide organisations with an effective, efficient and flexible option to addressing the key challenges that face their organisation.

EA Inclusion - Payroll Services



We provide outsourced payroll services for small and medium-sized organisations, allowing them to focus on what they are best at.

EA Inclusion - Conflict Management & Mediation

Conflict Management

& Mediation

We work with employers to resolve workplace conflicts through mediation, providing timely resolutions which can prevent the need for formal action.  

EA Inclusion - Whistleblower Forensic Interviews

Whistleblower Forensic Interviews

Outsourcing whistleblower forensic interviews provides employees with confidence around the confidentiality of the process and allows organisations to obtain the information they require without internal barriers.

EA Inclusion - Crisis Management



We support organisations to develop crisis management plans around their workforce, and when crises occur, we deliver comprehensive, responsive action, in order to mitigate against and overcome challenges.

EA Inclusion - Candidate Verification Documentation Services

Candidate Verification Documentation Services

We provide outsourced candidate verification services, which allows organisations to speed up their time to hire and enables their employees to focus on their core roles.

EA Inclusion - Influential Talks/ Videos (Similar to Ted Talks/ Career Cake etc.)

Influential Talks/ Videos (Similar to Ted Talks/ Career Cake etc.)

We deliver influential talks/ videos for organisations to address key HR-related challenges.


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