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Outplacement Support

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We recognise that everyone is unique, which is why our approach to outplacement is bespoke, in that it is designed and built in line with your organisation’s specific needs. This tailored support provides individuals leaving your organisation, as a result of redundancy or as part of an agreed exit, with the support and guidance to enable them to successfully transition and take the next step on their career path.

We Can Support You with Your Organisational Change Projects

With EA support, every element of your restructuring process will be focused on:

  • Increasing productivity

  • Improving morale

  • Improving employee engagement

  • Protecting your brand’s reputation

  • Increasing your organisational stability

Benefits to Your Organisation

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Live Your Values

By supporting individuals even throughout the exit process, employers can demonstrate that they care about their people, and most importantly demonstrate that they live their values.

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Business as Usual

We deliver a return on investment via supporting you to maintain productivity, employee engagement and morale amid the disruption of change.

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Brand Protection

People leaving your organisation pose a risk to your employer brand, and providing outplacement support can mitigate against negative feelings and potential bad reviews in today’s era of transparency.



Benefit from the breadth of our expertise every step of the way, whilst ensuring your in house talent is focused on the job at hand.

Benefits to Individuals


Flexible and Bespoke

A flexible and bespoke service, built around individuals and tailored to their needs.


Regular Contact

The reassurance of regular contact and shoulder-to-shoulder support for as long as needed, helping individuals to secure their next opportunity, whatever that may be.


Coach Chemistry

A peer level career coach, with chemistry matched to fit individuals, both personally and professionally.

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Onboarding Support

Ongoing support as individuals go through onboarding in their new roles and settle in, to ensure a smooth transition.

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1:1 Care

1:1 care and attention for every individual, at every level, with tailored services for senior-level executives.

 The EA Approach to Outplacement

With over 25 years of expertise, our Consultants know the marketplace inside-out. We have the industry knowledge, understanding and resources to manage outplacement programmes on a large and global scale.

We also offer programmes to support individuals in other stages of career transition, ranging from returners from maternity or career breaks, to those considering retirement.


We are proud to be different to other outplacement providers, and that’s why we provide:

  1. A focused team of inclusion specialists who are experienced in career transitions and linked in with inclusive organisations across the globe

  2. Face-to-face or virtual outplacement support for as long required

  3. Tailored outplacement programmes that benefit the individual and the organisation

  4. Unlimited access to psychometric tools, as well as our access to our Inclusion Hub and Reach job portal

Individual Approach

We work with each individual on a personalised plan, and we don’t believe in a one size fits all approach.

Interview Prep

We provide rigorous support to prepare individuals for the most important part of the transition process, the interview.


We help individuals to prepare for the job market, and our team have multi-sector experience and access to our candidate tools and techniques held within our EA Hub.

Onward Support

We take a proactive approach to providing ongoing support for individuals as they undertake the next phase of their career.

Access the Opportunities

Our team are experienced outplacement specialists with extensive experience and contacts in the field of recruitment and individuals will have access to our EA Reach job portal.

International Outplacement

EA has been providing practical outplacement advice and support on an international basis for over 20 years. We have experience of managing large scale, international outplacement programmes for clients across the UK and Internationally.

The EA Network

Our hand-picked network of Consultants each have experience in their local markets, and our network gives you access to Consultants and project management resources who are local to you and to your people. We utilise our network to deliver projects, large or small, without sacrificing our quality of service.

EA has delivered international outplacement projects within the following countries, in either English or the local language:

  • UK and Ireland

  • Austria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Russia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, and Turkey

  • India, Japan, and Malaysia

  • Canada and USA

EA Outplacement Packages

EA can offer a variety of package types to support front line teams to middle management and executive career transition. With packages starting from as little as £250 per person, contact us now for a bespoke quote for your organisation.

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