OUP - Freelancer Diversity and Inclusion Survey 2021

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GDPR Considerations


  • Data Controllers (who determines how and why personal data will be processed) - EA Inclusion and OUP have jointly defined the scope and outline of the project (why) and have control of how the data will be used (how)

  • Data Processor (who processes personal data on behalf of the data controller) – SurveyMonkey will process the data captured using this form. Visit www.surveymonkey.com/mp/legal/privacy-policy for SurveyMonkey's privacy policy

  • Data Subject (who provide their personal data) – OUP Freelancers who complete the survey

How Data Will Be Processed

  • The data will be processed using SurveyMonkey

  • The data collected from this survey will be anonymous, as names, email addresses and IP addresses will not be captured or recorded

  • Once processed, this data will be controlled by EA Inclusion

  • This data will then be analysed to provide an overview of diversity representation within OUP's Freelancer population in the form of a report

    • For any given question, we require a minimum of 10 responses in order to report on that area to ensure we preserve the anonymity of respondents

Why Data Will Be Processed

  • This data will be processed because OUP wish to obtain a true reflection of the diversity of its Freelancer population

Data Retention

  • The raw data collected through this survey will be retained until the survey has been signed off as complete by OUP