Organisational Design

Our organisational design programmes support organisations to adapt and transform by identifying key challenges and implementing practical solutions.

Development Centres & Personal Development Plan Production

Our Development Events are proven to identify potential talent, give clear development outlines and support organisational change during periods of growth, decline or following a merger or acquisition.

Capability Study

& Skills Audit

Capability Studies & Skills Audits identify whether organisations have the people and skills that they need, and highlights key gaps.

Absence Analysis & Hotspot Identification

We conduct reviews of absence data to identify trends and hotspots for further investigation.

Restructure & Change Services to Support Transitional Change

We support organisations to manage change through periods of restructuring and transition, ensuring that good management practice is in place.

Exit Interviews

& Data Analysis

We conduct external exit interviews for organisations, which enable leavers to be more open and honest, reporting on our findings and identifying key trends for further investigation.

Outplacement & Career Transition Service

Working closely in partnership with organisations, we deliver inclusive outplacement programmes, with a variety of delivery options, including operating on an individual, group and/ or virtual basis.

Development of New Structures & Anticipated People Returns

We support organisations to develop new structures to support the implementation of a new strategy as part of an organisational redesign, ensuring they get the maximum return from their people.

Merger & Acquisition Change Programmes

Mergers and acquisitions lead to the integration of two different cultures, which can often be conflicting, and we work with organisations to manage this change process. 


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