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Learning & Development

EA Inclusion - Learning & Development

Our practical learning & development programmes are impactful and measurable, having been proven to deliver culture change and embed inclusion.


EA Inclusion offers a wide range of learning and development programmes to address a variety of challenges within the workplace, all of which can be tailored to suit organisations’ specific requirements and aligned to the wider business strategy. This ensures that the training content meets the requirements of the organisation, and is delivered in the most effective way.

Our Delivery Methods

EA Inclusion - Face to Face Workshops

Face to Face Workshops

Our face to face facilitated workshops are delivered in an engaging workshop format by our experienced team, in either a half-day or full-day session, for a maximum of 12 delegates.

EA Inclusion - ​Train the Trainer

Train the Trainer

Our train the trainer programmes are designed for organisations with large training requirements, whereby we firstly deliver the session to a group of trainers who partake as delegates, and then we work with them in an interactive workshop to support them to deliver the course themselves.

EA Inclusion - Seminars


For large training requirements, we can deliver seminars which include engaging activities such as interactive polling and audience participation. We also provide speakers to deliver keynote speeches and presentations on a wide range of topics.

EA Inclusion - E-learning


We work with organisations to develop e-learning programmes to incorporate into their existing platforms.

EA Inclusion - Webinars


We deliver engaging 60 - 90 minute webinars for up to 50 attendees, which include interactive polling and live Q&A. Webinars can also be recorded to be shared internally and used for future training purposes following the session.

EA Inclusion - Workbooks


We also deliver training through workbooks, as either an alternative, or supplementary piece of learning, which can be kept for future reference. These workbooks provide detailed information on a particular topic and include activities and links to further reading and videos.

Our Learning & Development Programmes

New for 2020

EA Inclusion - Cultural Change Training Programme (Mergers & Acquisitions)

Cultural Change

Training Programme

(Mergers & Acquisitions)

Our Cultural Change Programme is designed for delegates who are part of mergers and acquisitions, and supports individuals along the change curve.

EA Inclusion - The Art of Storytelling - Facilitation & Communication

The Art of Storytelling - Facilitation & Communication

The Art of Storytelling equips delegates with the tools and techniques required to use storytelling as a vehicle to convey a message, with a wider understanding of what makes it so powerful.

EA Inclusion - The Art of Influencing

The Art



The Art of Influencing provides delegates with the skills they need in order to challenge and deliver high-impact messages with confidence, authority and presence.

Examples of Our Courses





Inclusive Recruitment

Inclusive Leadership

Inclusion for Women at Work

Race Awareness






LGBT+ Awareness

Generational Diversity Awareness



Diversity and Inclusion Awareness

Dignity at Work, Bullying and Harassment

Cultural Awareness


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