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With a growing expectation of diligence, conducting fair-minded, robust and judicious investigations in the workplace is critical.

We deliver the expertise needed to conduct grievance investigations into serious complaints, bullying, harassment, and whistle blowing cases. All of which need watertight processes and professional management.

Here at EA Inclusion, we understand that the key to an effective workplace investigation is a good, experienced investigator. We will provide you with an independent investigator to support you in managing serious and complex cases. This includes complaints, disciplinaries, grievances, bullying, compliance, and whistle blowing concerns. From this we produce fair and rigorous reports into complaints, bullying and harassment for you to use in your decision making.


Carrying out investigations in the workplace is crucial, regardless of your business size or nature. Investigations often involve various claims and counterclaims, sometimes involving the senior team. When facing these, organisations need to demonstrate the highest levels of professionalism.


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