Inclusion & Diversity

Our practical inclusion & diversity programmes are impactful and measurable, having been proven to embed inclusion within a wide range of organisations.

Return on Inclusion Audit Tool

Our unique Return on Inclusion tool can be used to measure inclusion initiatives and evidence the bottom-line impact of embedding inclusion, by identifying how future strategies can maximise return.



Our support helpline provides organisations with best practice support and guidance by phone or email, which can be used as and when required.

Whistle-Blower & Tribunal Preparation

We support organisations to prepare for tribunal claims and/ or whistleblower cases, providing guidance and advice on best practice.

Diversity & Inclusion Training and Events

We deliver a wide range of diversity and inclusion training programmes as part of our learning and development services, including workshops, seminars, webinars, and train the trainer sessions.

Creation of Inclusion Strategies

We work alongside organisations to develop strategies to embed inclusion and improve diversity, providing guidance at each stage, from initial consultation, through to project sign off. 

On Site Specialist or Crisis Support/ Resolution

We can provide onsite specialist or crisis support/ resolutions to address a wide range of issue surrounding diversity and inclusion.

Writing & Review of Policies & Procedures

We write and review policies and procedures to ensure that they are inclusive and do not include any barriers for diverse talent. 



Inclusive Workbooks provide an alternative method of delivering key messages surrounding diversity and inclusion, allowing employees to learn at their own pace.

One to One Call Off Consultancy

We support diversity and inclusion leads and their teams through one to one call off consultancy, providing them with best practice advice and guidance as and when required.

Workforce Diversity & Inclusion Surveys

We work alongside organisations and industry bodies to conduct workforce diversity monitoring, by collecting and reporting on data, and we also look at perceptions around inclusion within the workplace and/ or industry.

Inclusion Hub - Online Resource Centre

Our dedicated Inclusion Hub provides organisations with access to a wide range of best practice guidance and resources, which have been designed and collated to support them to embed inclusion.