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We’re Judging the 'Inclusivity In Publishing Award' for The London Book Fair 2023

Tuesday 17th January 2023

EA Inclusion’s Operations Director Ben Runcorn will be judging The London Book Fair’s International Excellence Awards 2023 ‘Inclusivity In Publishing Award’, which he has been a judge for this award every year since 2018.

Ben has been a key member of EA Inclusion after joining in 2013, where he works with global organisations across all industries and sectors.

EA Inclusion is working with a number of membership organisations in the publishing industry, along with supporting multiple individual publishers to embrace and embed diversity and inclusion.

International Excellence Awards 2023 (IEAs)

"Back for another year, these awards celebrate publishing success through a number of categories; from our Inclusivity in Publishing award to our newly created Sustainability Initiative award, the IEAs are given to companies and individuals across sectors and around the world." - The London Book Fair.

Click here to find out more about the awards:

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