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Cultural Change

EA Inclusion - Cultural Change

As experts in cultural change, our team will work with you to understand the beliefs and behaviours that drive your current culture and work with you to develop and evolve strategies to ensure continuous improvement and impact in a rapidly changing world.

EA Inclusion - Cultural Quality Diagnosis & Investigation

Cultural Quality Diagnosis & Investigation

​​Understanding an organisation's culture is critical to identifying its challenges, and we work alongside organisations to investigate and diagnose this through using a variety of tried and tested methods.

EA Inclusion - Brand/ Reputation Consultancy

Brand/ Reputation Consultancy

We work with organisations to identify the perceptions surrounding their brand/ reputation in relation to culture and diversity & inclusion and address any challenges.

EA Inclusion - 360 Degree Feedback

360 Degree


360 degree feedback provides a holistic review of individuals' performance, through gathering feedback from multiple sources, in order to highlight development needs.

EA Inclusion - Transformation and Change Programmes

Transformation and Change Programmes

People and culture should be at the heart of any programme of change, and our team are experienced in supporting organisations to ensure that their people can flourish and there is a positive impact on performance during periods of change.

EA Inclusion - Embedded Parachute Team 

Embedded Parachute Team 

We embed parachute teams within organisations to embed intensive cultural change programmes from the inside out, overcoming obstacles which may have been faced by an external consultancy. 

EA Inclusion - Leadership Interviews



Leadership interviews can provide insight into the internal culture within an organisation and uncover challenges and barriers which need to be addressed.

EA Inclusion - Developing Feedback & Straight Talking Culture

Developing Feedback & Straight Talking Culture

Feedback is an essential tool for continuous improvement and developing high performance and establishing a straight talking culture improves transparency.


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