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EA Inclusion is a global cultural change, inclusion & diversity, and behavioural impact consultancy, with over 30 years' experience

We work with global organisations to harness the power that the difference and diversity of their people offer, and support them to recognise the impact that change can bring to evolving, innovative and sustainable cultures.

From understanding an organisation’s culture at the discovery stage, diagnosing the hot spot areas of challenge, planning and delivering actions and interventions to embed a growth culture, through to showcasing the outcomes and tangible results, we navigate our clients through cultural challenges to bring about growth and prosperity in a humanised way. We not only maximise the return on investment and performance metrics necessary for success, but we also embed and support an engaged and motivated team throughout the often difficult change journey, leaving sustainable, energised and clear management and leadership tools in place to further maximise future returns with self-sustained mechanisms.

Our unique, innovative and practical approach has been proven to embed inclusion and maximise efficiency, and profitability, by promoting the motivation and engagement of employees. Our best practice techniques and people-based solutions around organisational design and change have been shown to result in measurable outcomes, and the related processes in achieving this have been tried and tested over 30 years within global organisations.

We aim to make cultural change and embedding inclusion seamless and ensure that the organisation’s leadership integrity and commitment to its people are embedded in every action, creating environments ripe for success, growth and innovation through its people.

Our ground-breaking bespoke programmes are each designed in order to ensure that we provide tailored solutions to address the specific requirements of each project, and are delivered by our engaging expert team of highly experienced and recognisable professionals, who are each passionate specialists within their fields.

With an enviable portfolio of clients spanning a wide range of sectors and industries, and we can evidence our credibility and the quality of our work through numerous case studies and testimonies, in order to provide insight into the impact that our programmes have had on organisations.

Having achieved significant acknowledgement for our work through various awards, we are well recognised as thought leaders, innovators, and pioneers within our field through our published work, educational events and media engagement.


EA Inclusion supports organisations around the world to enhance performance through people and culture


Our Solutions

EA Inclusion - Strategic Advisory

Strategic Advisory

EA Inclusion - Organisational Design

Organisational Design

EA Inclusion - Learning & Development

Learning & Development

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Outplacement Support

EA Inclusion - Diversity and Inclusion

Inclusion & Diversity

EA Inclusion - Sustainability


EA Inclusion - Coaching & Mentoring

Coaching & Mentoring

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EA Inclusion - Cultural Change



EA Inclusion - Inclusive Recruitment

Inclusive Recruitment

EA Inclusion - Outsourced HR Services

Outsourced HR Services


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